“Reiki I attunement with Suri was not just useful and informative, it was also a lovely and enjoyable experience. I appreciated how tangible she made the information, with thorough explanations and details into each component of reiki, and valuable group discussions into various topics of energy and healing. The information learned felt practical and applicable.
Suri’s facilitation of the group allowed for positive connections and a nurturing learning environment, allowing us all to feel supported and empowered on our energy healing journey. I highly recommended Suri as a guide and Reiki master, and can’t wait to learn more from her!”


“Taking the reiki class with Suri was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. She lays reiki out in a relatable, simple, yet powerful way. She teaches you how to do it and allows you to practice it and gain confidence in your own ability. The packet she provided and went over was very informative and helped me understand the “why” behind why reiki works. Suri herself is the sweetest person in the world. Her joyful,positive disposition and her love for others is so apparent when she smiles at you. She provides a safe place for questions and deep growth. I could go on and on and on about it all but I’ll just say this, if you’re drawn to reiki at all-go to Suri’s class!”


“Suri is someone who has dedicated her life to helping humanity. Her passion and joy can be found in each human interaction, each moment spent bringing us closer to our Divine selves. I highly recommend Suri to anyone seeking a yoga instructor, life coach, healer, humanitarian.

Suri is such a special person with high intuitive gifts of healing. She’s an angel. A beaken of light in the darkness. I am grateful to know her as a friend through yoga, energy healing sessions, Reiki camp level 1, and Reiki meetings. She uses her many years of experience and different tools or modalities such as master Reiki energy, pendulum test, chakra, aura, Taro card, numerology, and astrology in her healing session.

Suri has helped me connect more to my Divine self to break through illusions of separateness and suffering through teachings of love, authentic power, trust, humility, kindness, compassion, intuition, past lives, inner child, ego, dreams, shamanic healing, crystals, frequencies, vibrations, Reiki energy, chakra, aura, mantras, and breath work. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about this amazing human being, spirit, named Suri. She truly is a gem, that bright light to guide and lift human consciousness higher.

If you are fortunate enough to take one of Suri’s restore, slow flow, or vinyasa yoga classes; you are truly in for a treat. You are lovingly guided through your practice with creative and intelligent postures and cues to bring you to your highest physical, mental, and spiritual self. She often incorporates live music, Reiki energy, and even serenades students with her ukulele and voice that can only be described as heavenly. She continually grows as a yoga instructor, healer, and human being. I am truly bless to know Suri and am forever grateful.”


“Just spend 5 minutes with her and you’ll understand.”

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