I understand that sessions provided by Suri Schram are composed of a combination of energetic and physical modalities which include chakra balancing, reiki, energy work, guided meditation, tone therapy, breath instruction, and yoga poses. The general benefits of each modality have been explained to me. I am aware that the combination of the above modalities are based upon principals of vibration, harmony, and balance. I also understand that I can pick and choose what healing modalities I am interested in, and that I have a right to decline any forms of healing.

I also understand that Suri  is not a medical practitioner, nor does she diagnose illness or disease. I am aware that she cannot make absolute guarantees concerning the elimination of my particular challenge. I also understand that these sessions are not a substitute for medical treatment. The majority of individuals benefit from this harmonizing process, but results may vary depending on the life circumstance and personality of the client. It is possible that the client will not improve. There is a potential for disturbance in your life while healing, and harmonizing can be emotionally painful.

I understand that appointments, rescheduling and cancelations can be done by phone call or email only.

I am also aware of Suri’s cancellation policy, which is a 24 hour policy. If cancelation or rescheduling is not done 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment the full fee for the treatment will be owed before any further treatment sessions can take place.