Our physical bodies are a reflection of our subtle body, or energy body. Just as the physical body needs care, so too does the energy body.

We learn from a young age how to care for our physical body. We learn basic physical care like how to brush our teeth and wash our face, while we learn very little about the maintenance of our energy body.

Now, imagine the idea of hygiene never existed. We never would have learned to care for our hair, teeth, skin, and so on. After years of physical neglect we would desperately need some self care. Energy work is essentially the practice of energetic hygiene. Think of energy work as taking a scrub brush to unhealthy belief systems and patterns that get stuck in the subtle body.

I have dedicated years of my life to learning and practicing energy healing and I am honored to be able to share it with you.



Your life force is nature, it is meant to flow like water, dance like wind, burn like fire, and sustain like earth. Trauma, limiting beliefs, and destructive patterns constrict your life force flow.

A LIFE RECLAMATION SESSION is an exploration and repurposing of your life force.

A Life Reclamation Session with Suri is a healing comprised of a handful of her favorite and most practiced healing modalities. She will intuitively look into your energetic system and identify where you are flowing, and where you are blocked and why.

She will then use this information to move you closer to your most perfect state of health and wellbeing. Each session is unique and customized for you for the best healing results. Below are descriptions of the modalities she practices.



Enjoy a guided meditation followed by a relaxing and restorative reiki session. Reiki is the process of increasing the life force energy in my body so to increase the life force within your body. Life force feels like love, joy, and clarity. When you have more of it you feel loved and supported by life. To conclude, we will review anything that came to light during the session.


Imagine your body is a seven string instrument. When you’re in tune, each string will hold its own beautiful and harmonious tone. When you’re out of tune, the dissonant tones will create disharmony and dis-ease. Your body is the instrument and your chakras are the strings. During a chakra alignment we will look closely at your major chakras and determine if they are sharp, flat, or in tune. You will learn what you can do to keep yourself in tune.


Investigate your auric boundaries, find out how and what you’re magnetizing, and determine what you’re repelling. Understand how your aura plays into your personality and the unfolding of your life.


Energy knows no time and no space; therefore, distance energy sessions are possible. Enjoy all the healing benefits described above from wherever you are.

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