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My initiation into energy healing came on quickly and suddenly when I was introduced to meditation. As I would sit quietly watching the wall I would get strong feelings and promptings. The strongest prompting was to, “do yoga”, which I thought was strange considering at the time I didn’t workout and was very disconnected from my body. For months I kept getting the same message and it got stronger each day. Finally I found a studio near me and signed up not just to take a class, but also to participate in teacher training. Practicing yoga connected my spirit with my body and I began receive promptings and messages all the time, not just during meditation. One day while doing the laundry I was prompted to, “ask my root chakra if it was balanced.” I ignored it, not totally understanding it meant. Then the prompting got stronger and I finally stopped what I was doing, stood in the hallway of my little apartment and said out loud, “My root chakra is balanced.” As soon as I finished the phrase my body fell back, it felt like I was being pushed by an invisible force (I now know that this is muscle testing, my bodies way of communicating with me). I understood that as a no. In my head I asked, “It’s not balanced, what do I do now?” I got the message to talk to my chakra, so I closed my eyes, put my hands in my hips and started talking. “Hey root, what’s going on? What do you need to be healthy and whole?” Immediately my mind flooded with pictures and words and my body filled with emotions. My root was talking to me! I began to cry as my root chakra cleared out trapped fears, pains, and resentments. When the pictures stopped and the emotions waned out loud I said, “My root is balanced.” This time my body fell forward and I felt and upward lifting sensation in my chest, this was a yes. I spent the afternoon talking to and listening to my other 6 chakras. When I was done I called a friend and said, “something strange is happing, come over I want to try something on you.” She came over and I tried talking to her chakra system and had a similar experience.

For months after that I practiced on friends, friends would tell friends and soon I was seeing strangers, THIS IS HOW SURI ENERGY GUIDE WAS BORN.

  • 2015

    Reiki Master • Lightning Lotus

  • 2014

    180 Hours of Continued Education • CorePower Yoga

  • 2013

    200 Hour Vinyasa Flow Certified • CorePower Yoga

  • 2013

    200 Hour Hot Power Fusion Certified • CorePower Yoga


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